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Ruralisation: An Intergenerational Cultural Praxis of Living

Part 2 Dissertation 2021
Vanessa Nkumbula
University of Brighton | UK
Ruralisation: An Intergenerational Praxis of Living sets out to theorise Ruralisation as Decoloniality in practice where farming identity, values, heritage, and culture are rediscovered and maintained in the post-colonial context of Zambia. In order to do so, this essay finds its genesis in Walter Mignolo and Catherine E. Walsh’s On Decoloniality: Concepts, Analytics and Praxis. This is developed and explored through a series of drawings that illustrate the practice of farming within my Matrilineal Lineage of the Chewa tribe where women had autonomy within agriculture.

The essay critiques the discourse on Ruralisation in which the rural is seen from the perspective of the dominant Urban, much like the rest of the world and its systems are based off the dominant West. The results of this research question modernity in post-colonial spaces, where rurality has often been overlooked and marginalised. The new proposition aligns Ruralisation with decolonial discourse which considers the destructive and exploitative practices of modernity, therefore coloniality, that lead to the desire of an alternative that fosters reclamation of space, action, and expression.

Vanessa Nkumbula

Katy Beinart
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