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MurfatlarWinery- Cernavoda

Part 2 Project 2006
Elena Madalina Toader
Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism | Romania
This entire approach has been triggered by my attempt to fully understand the site. It was essential to understand the laws governing Nature and the way in which the environment influenced the already existing buildings and the potencial of the site. The project is not an imitation of the natural form, but rather a processs of understanding the way it is structured.
There are two different mediums: one is made up of what I have decided to keep from the actual wine cellar, the other one is the remaining natural environment.This project is an attempt to harmonize them.

Elena Madalina Toader

Fractal geometry – fractal rhythm from the existing site - has been used to materialize the solutions. Thus, the resulting dominant environment has become the necessary bond between the two. Making the natural environment the predominant one, has been a personal decision.
No matter what approach she uses, the student did not give up her aesthetic drives. Nature offered her that artistic environment she has been looking for.

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