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Rotten Park Street Promatorium

Part 1 Project 2007
Adam Carthy
Birmingham City University UK
Laws of entropic decay generate the break down of Cartesian geometry through expansive unfoldings and spatial-temporal transformations. This use of entropy in developing a conceptual form challenges the brutal modernist attitudes applied to crematoria of the Twentieth Century. This challenge is furthered by the development of new burial process of promession supporting the cycle of life and death. Remains may be interred as nutrients for biomass planting, in turn used to create a sustainable energy cycle, which is supported and maintained by the local community.
Adam Carthy

Architecture has always been part of a cultural expression of (im)mortality and memorial to the dead in which the living merely witness their own ephemeral existence. Adam has investigated an architecture that honours the dead while celebrating and reproducing a sustainable cultural life cycle. On a now derelict industrial site honoured by Churchill as of major strategic importance to the UK war machine in 1914-18 Adam has created a field of energy supporting an architecture of contemplation, rigorous and humane in its conception, development and material realisation.

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