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Novel City - Rewriting Stories of Urban and Natural Elements of Silkeborg

Part 2 Project 2019
Qirui Liu
Aarhus School of Architecture | Denmark
In the past decade, our world has gone through major urbanization. The rapid expansions
of cities have gradually blurred cities’ local identity, which makes urban area more and
more alike.

This is also a case in Silkeborg. Silkeborg is booming, especially the city centre, however,
a conflict between city development and its local identity is emerging.

The site is situated in the city centre of Silkeborg in a strip shape along the Gudena
River. This project attempts to argue the significance of understanding Silkeborg’s
individual identity and cooperating with city expansion, bringing a sense of belonging to

To me, a city is like a novel, which has different characters, ups and downs as well as
twists. I would present the project in a way of a novel. A step by step to unfold the story.

Qirui Liu

Jens Christian Pasgaard
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