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Part 1 Project 2019
Alice Miller
Mackintosh School of Architecture, UK
Project Brief: CLYDE BUILT – national archaeological centre for the recovery, restoration and documentation of shipwrecked vessels at Bowling Harbour.

Object/Anti-object is an exploration into the application of architectural theory into design. Studying initially Object Oriented Ontology I became interested in the idea of giving objects a reality outside of human perception. With its application in architecture the theory becomes complex with the belief that object architecture has no responsibility to wider context, justifying itself.

Realising I did not believe in its application I chose to explore the inverse; Anti-Object theory attempts to reverse extreme modernist thinking by redacting the architecture into the background, blurring the lines between object and context. Linking the two i focused on Heidegger’s tool analysis in which the tool, or building, when in use becomes lost to its function and could therefore be said to disappear into its surrounding.

My design attempts to combine these theories to create an experience whereby the boat journey and restoration process is the foremost priority. The creation of a framework within which spaces can move ensures that the process is never compromised. The ability for expansion means that the building is not constrained in a singular time context and can adapt also to the changing needs of society; serving both object and anti-object theories.

Alice Miller

Tilo Einert
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