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In Loving Memory

Part 2 Project 2019
Christian Salkeld
California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo USA
This thesis is a response to the current culture of memorialization - a new formal procedure is called for that allows for a stronger memory creation, catalyzed by the individualized experience with the physical object. The project takes the form of a new cemetery, one of the most commonly utilized forms of physical memorialization, in New York - the process relies on defamiliarizing the existing and familiar shapes of the urban with those of the spiritual, recognizing and manipulating affinities between the two to create a flickering between them in order to create complex memories that can be more readily accessed in the future.

The building seeks to be an anchor in memory while also reminding of temporality, it hopes to allow stronger connections to experiences had while supporting individualized death rituals – instead of a soft ignorance towards perhaps the most defining feature of human existence it seeks to celebrate the peculiarity and mortality that makes up the human condition.

Christian Salkeld

Brian Osborn
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