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Ambiguous Border

Part 1 Project 2020
Minyu Huang
University of Liverpool | UK
Creative application of geometry has played a central role in architectural design for millennia. Concepts like symmetry, patterns and repetitions are an integral part of how we appreciate the natural and, subsequently, the built environment.

My project focuses on the potential of geometry, not in an abstract way, but as a means of exploring possibilities: a negotiation between how we perceive the world around us and how these perceptions might be embedded in the design. The first part draws a recollection of my youthful spatial experience – hide and seek in the Chinese garden in Suzhou, drawn from memory, as well as a possible ‘ideal home’. Through these perceptual foundations develops the second stage, the generation of the ‘ambiguous border’: ambiguous because, through geometry, it generates inside and outside, alternatively angles and walls – never by chance, but always through test and control.

Imagination and memories of the first exercise find then material substance in a sinuous ensemble, which responds to the eyes, and also to our inner needs as human beings moving in space.

Minyu Huang

Valentino Capelo
Marco Iuliano
James Jones
Jane Moscardini
Michael Wilford
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