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Part 1 Project 2020
Saylah Hussain
Birmingham City University | UK
The manifesto presented explores patterns of arrangement of social hierarchy on a more intense and exaggerated scale to magnify problems of our society today.

‘Synchro[City]’ imagines a dystopia set in 2052 in which society is categorised via a set standard of principles governing the standard of living in which people ‘deserve’. In this dystopia, austerity becomes the greatest threat towards social sustainability. Society are constantly advertised a better more luxurious way of living to strive towards, suggesting that what they have currently is never enough. Consequently, this is exploited by the higher-ups who make those at lower levels work constantly for them as they look for a better future.

How, then, do the citizens rebel against this highly guarded regime? Inspired by many literary utopian romances, they, society, dream of a world in which there are no levels, where everyone is equal and content . As the dystopia lives, a utopian world exists parallel to the dystopia, as a complete reflection in its built form. The biggest difference between the two worlds? Those in the utopia celebrate life and nature, co-existing despite differences. Here culture thrives, as people transgress, appropriate, (re)appropriate space in creative and unofficial ways.

Saylah Hussain

Bea Martin
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