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Part 1 Project 2020
Oana-Theodora Stefan
Cardiff University | UK
Setting itself apart as a settlement on a line of territorial division, Clones encounters one as a ghost image of a once prosperous town, now but a mere point of trespassing on Irish land, decaying and reluctant to look for alternative ways of rejuvenating. In an exercise of restoring the social integrity and cultural performativity of Clones, the architectural reimagining of Lennard Arms Hotel, together with the adjacent vernacular dwelling and monastic ruins becomes an immediate response to the disconcerted and suppressed state of the town.

Endowing the central island-resemblant site with a new sense of poetics and openness, the proposed alternative aims for both social and existential revival, using the antithesis between innate/enacted performativity and introverted/ extroverted typologies as key conceptual strategies. By equalising the relationship between the spoken, the written and the performed, the new theatrical and writing ensemble seeks to weave together an arrangement most absurd and divided, becoming a manifestation of social and artistic freedom.

Through the cloister-type architectural ‘plastique’, the new alternative arrangement questions the notion of architectural, political and artistic coherence, while bringing together thinkers, writers, actors and spectators in a spectacle of an every-day performativity, equality and reinvented existence.

Oana-Theodora Stefan

Michael Corr
Tom Keeley
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