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The Craft of [Mis]Representation

Part 2 Project 2020
Madeleine Wellham
Cardiff University | UK
Concerned with developing a reflective and poetic interpretation of craft, ‘the craft of [mis]representation’ redefines the notional act of making as an exploratory process through which the abstraction of narrative generates evocations of past ‘realities.’ Applied to an architectural proposal, this [mis]representative approach to craft evolves into a critical practice through which architectural fabric, form and experience can derive.

Inspired by the provocative work of Alison Lowry, the project first interrogates the life experiences of William Hughes, the last man hung in Ruthin, to develop a discursive attitude to making. Embracing a second story of place, this ‘[mis]representative’ philosophy is applied to an architectural proposal which reimagines the 1974 Berwyn Mountain UFO event as a built experience in the North Wales landscape. Presented under the guise of a UFO lookout post, the proposed Area 53 translates narrative thresholds of the psychic and physic; literal and illiteral; place and non-place. Using narrative ‘realities’ of geometries, proportion and character traits, the Berwyn event becomes [mis]represented in an esoteric response which crafts a parallel experience of mystery whilst establishing an architectural process which responds not only to the physical context of place, but the identities and stories of the communities which inhabit them.

Madeleine Wellham

Dr Steven Coombs
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