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Lunga Castle Housing: An Examination of a New Settlement Within a Rural Landscape

Part 2 Project 2020
Reuben Roberts
Kingston University | UK
Craignish Peninsula is a remote territory on the west coast of Scotland — a small spur of mainland before the islands of the Inner Hebrides.

The thesis was to create a settlement within the landscape. The connection between the context and the home was modulated through inhabitation of the wall. This was examined with the temporary installation at Kirkton Steading. Pre-cut sheets of OSB were arranged into a large secondary lining, a doubling, of the existing wall. This was further developed to consider temporary living on the peninsula. The Camp project provided quarters for visiting workers. Accommodation lined the walls and defined communal spaces for living and dining in the centre.

Viewed from a distance the settlement looks massive and faceted: drawing in morphology from the castles and defensive towers native to Scotland. The building is a single block, sitting within the landscape, focussed and intense, rather than the sprawl of the nearby villages.

The 56 flats act as deep linings of the walls. These form large public rooms in the centre of scheme allowing people to congregate inside, away from the inclement climate of the site. The spaces within are graded from the lightweight frame of the communal decks through the flats to intensely private rooms carved into the lining of the windows looking out across the landscape.

Reuben Roberts

Roz Barr
Helen Thomas
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