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Spaces of Tranquillity

Part 1 Project 2021
Arjun Bharj
Queen's University Belfast | UK
Our brief is to develop and promote a performing arts school that will be a modern centre for all age and ability groups for performance and education.

The Spaces of Tranquillity is a project that exploits moving imagery and theatricality to express the current needs of our planet.

Using sustainable means of construction, the traditional Japanese style is imitated in order to attain a certain degree of visual softness and theatricality. The design provides a journey around shoji screens that aim to encourage exploration whilst maintaining the quietness of the proposal’s thematic qualities.

On a socio-political stance, embracing the diversity of the Holyland’s performing arts students promotes a learning culture which values talent beyond stereotypes, hence pushing these students to reach their full potential. Promoting equality and embracing this diversity contributes to the overall education and progression of civilisation.

Arjun Bharj

Gul Kacmaz Erk
Patrick Wheeler
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