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Neo Agri[Culture]s

Part 1 Project 2021
Emily Haigh
Birmingham City University | UK
As of the year 2051, Moseley Village is the home to the last cow in the UK. With overconsumption and greed overcoming us, cows have become an endangered species. The community of Moseley have managed to keep just one safe. Her name is Daisy, she is cared for and guarded by the community. However, one day she goes missing… and the dissidents may be responsible.

Neo Agri[Culture]s focused on creating a resilient utopian localised food economy. Consisting of local growing, food technologies, circular processes and education; the project reunites the community through their food.

The concept evolves around children, they are our future. The Children of Moseley are learning more and more each day about the food they consume. Educating the youth is essential to rekindle our relationship with the earth and our understanding of how our food comes to be.

While the majority of the community embrace this new way of living, some members of the community find the idea of Sitopia ridiculous. The luxury of exotic imported food they had become accustom to has been taken away, in favour of locally grown seasonal produce. The greed for steak or avocado on toast can become all consuming.

Emily Haigh

Matthew Hayes
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