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Vestiges of the Material and the Immaterial: An Extension to Dulwich Picture Gallery

Part 1 Project 2021
Amelia Brown
Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture | UK
Weaving a new, community driven, collaborative programme into Dulwich Picture Gallery’s existing interior and exterior landscape; the proposal reactivates and extends the Gallery’s current agenda. Introducing a series of ‘accretions,' -a gallery, residence, workshop, archive and garden restaurant- it supports the long-term conception, production, construction and maintenance of the biennial Dulwich Pavilion installations; instigating a revival of existing construction skills and knowledge.

Speaking to the site’s present visibility, and the invisibility of remnants and layers revealed through exploratory drawings, the work assembles a temporally layered conversation with context. It is both grounded in place and fluid to its temporal adaption.

Placed in dialogue with the surfaces of the existing Gallery, and Dulwich more broadly, the architecture attains both social, and environmental sustainability. Its ethos affords a revival of the existing, transforming the Picture Gallery site into a space for contemporary and future community enjoyment. The ‘accretions’: structures which provide shelter for seasonally shifting uses, encourage adaptability and longevity, ensuring endurance beyond the present programme of activities. Responding to the immaterial vestiges of the local brick making past, brick -using locally reclaimed London Stock brick and construction waste material produced in the workshop- is employed as the primary construction material.

Amelia Brown

Killian Doherty
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