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City of the Sea: New Pedagogies for Other Futures at the Cruise Port of Copenhagen

Part 2 Project 2021
Rasmus Høj
Aarhus School of Architecture | Denmark
This project imagines a speculative architectural future for the cruise ship typology. Departing from Copenhagen and located in the Baltic Sea, the proposal demands responsibility from first world countries to act on climate change matters creatively. Cruise ships, an often-overlooked typology within the architectural discipline, hold incredible imaginary powers if re-envisioned. These new imaginaries, far from dull sustainable problem-solving approaches to architecture, help us to have hope.

The proposal imagines a future where cruise ships as we know them have been banned, and in their wake, a new prototype of state-owned cruise ship takes their place. By acknowledging cruise ships as a potent symbolic micro- cosmos of human agency – between our capacity for technological prowess and our inherent drive for adventure and pleasure – the project suggests ways to connect with nature and environmental impact by means of schooling, action and enjoyment. Through a non-conventional journey, the project brings us closer to the immense issues and wonders of the sea. The proposal acts as a form of expositional ‘sea school’ in the Baltic Sea area. When in port, the speculative cruise vessel acts as a public part of the city of Copenhagen and the urban life of the harbour.

Rasmus Høj

Carolina Dayer
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