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ASET (Artificial Superorganism Eco Town)

Part 2 Project 2021
Stavroula Perdikaki
Queen's University Belfast | UK
Artificial Super-organism Eco-Town (ASET) explores alternative economies based on an analysis of the Dublin housing crisis and the theoretical perspective of anarchism. Examining homelessness and dereliction about the policies which created them, the project imagines a society in which ownership, tax and surveillance do not exist and proposes a new form of urbanism to support this. ASET relies on social impact and low-profit investment. The target is to create a perfect circle and, that can be achieved through a certain number of separate processes, by using the product and the wastes of each process to produce new products and demine the waste to 0 – as it is going to be reused for another production in order to create a perfect ecosystem with living, working, business spaces. Further a new alternative economic system is proposed - Ritual Inversion Economy. This type of economy will run through a Sustainable Powered Cryptocurrency System, using energy as a currency. Moreover, the thesis is reconstructing the Social and Housing system. The target is to create a society where everybody has value. The Social and Housing system is based on Dublinopoly - an updated version of Monopoly. Dublinopoly is the place where all the Social and Housing rules are kept. The proposed Social and Housing system is strongly influenced by Greek Mythology and the 12 Gods of Olympus as well as Holacracy.
Stavroula Perdikaki

Sean Cullen
Greg Keeffe
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