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The Colours of Hong Kong

Part 2 Project 2021
Ki Sha Sally Chow
Chinese University of Hong Kong | China
"What is the definition of “colours”?
“The mixing of various proportions of black and white.” – Aristotle proposed.
“Black and white are only considered as outcasts. It is darkness and lightness that truly exists.” – Newton argued.
“Colours is not ‘real’. It is our eyes and minds being the perceptual apparatus that creates colours within us.” – Goethe defined.

In this thesis, when the notion of colour meets with nature, it is re-defined as the representation of a particular natural environment in Hong Kong. The thesis first examines the definition of colours and its inextricable link with nature, hence its significance on living creatures in local context. The proposal of creating new environments is conceptualized as “colour-making” in nature through the manipulation of materiality, landform and perspective. Correspondingly, it results in the formation of a new beach, seabed and waterfall which co-exist with the programme of waterfront, museum and bathhouse respectively. These three alternatives aim to justify the role of architecture and the potential of architectural space inhabited by wildlife. Meanwhile, it proposes how human can contribute as one of the ""colours"" that completes our environment. Overall, it is hard to tell where nature ends and architecture begins as they are never separable."

Ki Sha Sally Chow

Shinji Wataru
Lily Zhang
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