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Diagnosing our home: X-ray as a new tool in examining and re-designing Hong Kong residential tower

Part 2 Project 2021
Tsz Yan Wong
University of Hong Kong | China
Through examining existing Hong Kong high-rise residential tower design and occupant’s behaviour under the impact of Covid- 19, the thesis aims to shape and reframe design strategies for future Hong Kong high rise residential tower that would do more as space for care.

By introducing principles of medical X-ray Imaging into the creation of drawings of Hong Kong residential housing models, this new visual representation method allows each scan to reveal the bone and organs of Hong Kong housing, including the living units, communal space, re-entrant design and circulation core respectively.

With the aid of this new visual techniques, it further unveils the spatial quality in relation to the movement and penetration of air particles. These diagnosis does not only serve as an alternative tool in examining and documenting existing condition, but also an additional tool in allowing architects to propose retrofitting elements surgically and design future housing models that could enhance the living quality of occupants.

With the aid of this new visual representation, this thesis explores the role of Architecture as an instrumental tool to invigorate occupants’ well-being by retrofitting Cruciform style Hong Kong housing form rising in the 1960s as the starting point of this housing model transformation.

Tsz Yan Wong

Ms Juan Du
Chad McKee
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