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A Sympathetic Vibration

Part 2 Project 2021
Gonzalo Peña Álvarez
University of Chile Santiago Chile
Sound as a Design Criteria

This project is a radical design tool for the creative collective, opening a myriad of forms and scopes, but being a different method of approach, focusing on sound as a fundamental design criteria.

Although this is born from a personal experience derived from a deep meditative state, it does not rely on a self-absorbed objective, but rather on an exploration that wants to be shared.

It has not been unusual to hear during these uncertain times that self-care and physical and mental well-being should be a priority for the world's population, but how do we approach a project that is not for a user or a specific place that has an impact on such a scale? It was during this pandemic that I focused my attention on meditation practice almost by chance and found much more than I expected. That's why rather than giving a stifled cry saying: Meditation! I listened to what could facilitate the access to this gateway to the dimension of the mind, where the sound revealed itself to me and it is from where it comes the search to understand truthfully what it is and to be able to generate an imaginary about it while possible.

Gonzalo Peña Álvarez

Domingo Arancibia
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