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Rewilding Bristol Water

Part 1 Project 2022
Jack William Greening
University of the West of England | UK
Located at the gateway to the River Avon, this proposal acts as a catalyst for the process of rewilding the water of Bristol Harbour. Using a hybrid of biophilic and regenerative architectural design, the building also aims to encourage the circular growth of the local tourism industry by promoting sustainable production and consumption.

A settling reservoir and natural swimming pool start the filtration process, using newly established natural biofilters that filter the harbour water over a long period of time. Large distillation vessels inform the architecture of interior learning spaces that help to illustrate the filtration process, with biophilic views to the southwest.

The sweeping forms of water have influenced the sculptural rammed earth walls and the timber shingle clad diagrid roof, which integrate the architecture into the local landscape. The building acts as a landmark within the local context to encourage positive attitudes to rewilding.

Jack William Greening

Anna Nikolaidou
Mina Tahsiri
Steve Terry
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