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The Square: Northern Powerhouse Assembly

Part 1 Project 2022
Melina Benyoub
Liverpool John Moores University Liverpool | UK
The Square is a new assembly building located at the Liverpool pier head and explores the value of educating future generations and motivating the youth to be more engaged in the political system. The project explores the concept of placing accountability over control and power by reversing the roles of power between political figures and the public through an intricate hierarchy of public and private spaces.

Inspired by the Casa del Fascio in Como by Terragani, the Square similarly creates a power dialect between public and private, interior and exterior, watched and watching. Whilst the former was an expression of militarised control, the latter aims to embrace democracy.

The Square will simultaneously aim to embody the essence of the Northern Power House and act as form for the members of youth parliament in the North of the UK, aspiring to be a notable site for change, protest and the future.

Melina Benyoub

Dr Charlie Smith
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