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Students Beach Hut Studio

Part 1 Project 1998
Khalida Latif
Dawood College of Engineering and Technology Karachi Pakistan
The design task is to propose a design studio for personal use at the Wanora Island, several miles away from the Karachi City. The exercise undertaken is an inquiry and investigation into the vernacular architecture of the Karachi City's costal region, use of climatically suitable and indigenous materials stone and timber and to appreciate the magnificent natural environs. Nature has remained the inspiration behind the evolution of forms and their logical setting within the context. The shades of sunlight, the sounds of crashing waves against the rocks, the changing colours of the waters, the texture of the mountains and the tranquil ambience of the coast, all have been the driving force behind the formulation of a design which blends in the setting, adding richness to the backdrop.

The challenge was to initiate a process of continuity in the unique architectural and spacial forms,which have faded away, with the passage of time and urban sprawl. Fabrication of architecture is based on function and forms that are inherent in the areas of socio-physical, historic and cultural dimensions. The concept behind the design is derivation of forms that are well integrated, cohesive and desplay a sense of uniformity with the context. Emphasis has been on the use of stone and timber in their original forms and bare finishes to enhance the visual clarity and lessen the complexities of material usage.
Khalida Latif

It is important for the architects to not only feel the surroundings and environment of the building but also the nature and requirement of the client.

So this studio project is based on students own use and requirements. The task is to understand how a design can reflect certain requirements and philosophies.

To make students sensitive towards nature and feeling of design process several site visits were made. The use and play of organic forms by Khalida Latif is interesting. The usage of vernacular elements and indigenous materials and keeping in mind, the feeling of site has been very clear. The link of internal environment and the social surroundings are well considered.

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