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A Garden for the Albayzin, Granada: Crematorium

Part 2 Project 1999
Elantha Evans
University of Bath, UK
The final project in the MArch degree (RIBA Pt2) began as an urban study of Granada, Spain. An urban strategy to revitalise the Albayzin area of Granada was developed, the underlying concept was to revitalise the green spaces that at present are inaccessible and unused. Buildings proposed as part of the strategy were to utilise these green spaces and give them back to the community.

A building in a garden. A crematorium.

The two chapels of the crematorium sit between a hard forecourt and sunken gardens.
Water leads the mourner through the building and flows out into pools in the garden below.
The 'entrance aisles' to the sides of each chapel are places for commemoration and waiting, or simply to lead into the main chapel spaces.
The 'garden pavilions' link the chapels to the gardens allowing the mourner time to pause before descending into them.

The scheme is very much to do with the process of committal, the route the mourner takes, not only through the building for the service but again on revisiting the gardens in remembrance.

Elantha Evans

The M.Arch design studio at the University of Bath school of Architecture is concerned with Architecture in the urban context. The task in the final year of study is to design an accomplished and well integrated piece of Architecture in the context of a European city, well founded, meticulously worked out and well presented.

The students are required initially to prepare in teams an Urban study comprising an historical, geographical cultural and physical context study, analyse and evaluate the findings and propose in response an urban design strategy within which an Architectural proposition can be put forward.

This year's project took place in Granada, Spain.

Elantha Evans teamed up with Rebecca Huggins, who together produced an admirable scheme for a part of the Historic City of Granada.

I have nominated Elantha Evans because she rose to the challenge and produced an exhilarating piece of Architecture.

Having worked with Elantha Evans for two years, I can say that she is a mature and resourceful Architect for her stage in life, intelligent, analytical and sensitive, with great ability and above all, self-critical. She will excel.

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