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Part 0 Project 1999
Donovan Soon
Dawood College of Engineering and Technology Karachi Pakistan
PROJECT: The Transit Hotel


Concept: “MOVEMENT”

Mr. Shaikh, Muhammed Atif
Student of; Dawood College of Engg.
& Tech. Karachi, Pakistan.

Modern Transit Hotel, in a city of traditionless history searching for its identity, having some features of the Colonial and Mughal Architecture. Karachi is one of the two major city, the only port city, of Pakistan. It is the Representative City and major trade and business center. The consideration of its activities and surroundings lead us to a concept of FAST MOVEMENT.

Keeping in eye the modern era needs and demands and international architecture, the Form, and Spaces with its dynamic flows are also considered.


Slide 01 'circulation and movement' was the consideration given to the project form and spaces especially in all circulation corridors – as to keep the continuity of the movement and transit passenger. All the spaces are based in this concept to make feel of space and their levels.

This in the design is first of all taken in consideration in the main entrance of hotel and the area as the pamps are used in front of the main entrance along with the traditional curve wall in details, having arches as shown in the slides 17 & 19.

Slides 02-08 'different compositions of movement + space + form' are worked out, with the consideration of some modern examples. The details and modern elements are also considered w.r.t. the Park and Building integration. The internal spaces also show the sign of Movement, Form and Space.

Slide 09 'The side plan' showing the over all view of the physical environment. Two roads on the East Side of the site, Terminal on the north of it, and Main Shara-e-Faisal (road) on the south of it are there. The park provision has to be considered in relation to the hotel building. One fourth of the plot have to be used from the whole.

Slide 10 'The main axis' is considered as the first impression, it shows that the main movement is well integrated to the building and in later development it is taken inside the building.
The form has changed itself as the requirement changed, but the basic concept of movement is kept there till the end. This is well linked with form --- defining form details.

Slides 11& 12 'The overall form' of the building is thought and considered with in the space and inside itself. The modern and Colonial Style was given to most of the parts which are considered with “ramps”, and “moving tracks”.

Slides 13-16 'The planning of spaces' developed in sense of providing the possible solutions, keeping in mind the main Function, the Elevation is considered as the most important element.

Slide 17 The Ground Floor Plan.

Slide 18 The First Floor Plan.

Slide 19 The Second Floor Plan.

Slide 20 The Roof Plan.

Donovan Soon


(Teacher of Urban Design.)

The project has to fulfill both the design requirement and services consideration in common. The main purpose of design was to integrate the building with the related activity of airport --- “THE TRANSIT”. The project to much extend is related to Urban Design Exercise, to improve the environment and to represent the city to the visitors of Pakistan.

It was well design --- the way the environment natural features are considered with that of artificial flow of traffic from and through the airport, connecting hotel with the buffer of Landscape (park), keeping the flow consistent inside the building also.

(Teacher of Architectural Design.)

The project not only in urban context but also in design form is well integrated by Mr. Shaikh. The feeling of continuity s created in external and internal forms and spaces (in sense of movement). The way the visitors are taken inside from out side, from lower level to upper level, & from inside taken to different spaces. And from inside taken outside from other side is remarkable.

The orientation of the spaces keeping in considerations of vistas in all directions, specially with the orientation of internal landscape and the orientation of the whole building towards airport-flying zone, have created the movement in views also.

The curve moving walls with the vertical dimensional change, not only provide a dynamic effects but also helps in creating buffer in different places and also provides shadows keeping internal spaces cooler.

The play of enclose-open spaces is also the part of traditional design creating introvert planning of such spaces surrounding that space.

In overall view Mr. Shaikh have gone through all the feelings by creating study models along with some of the live spaces created within the premises of the Department to feel and make feel to others and to get comments by other students and teachers.

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