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Part 1 Project 1999
Stuart Devonshire
University of Liverpool, UK
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The dominance of industry around Runcorn, South Liverpool, is characterised by the sprawling presence of the ICI works. Amid these uniquely hectic surroundings on the site of a secluded old lagoon, I have designed a public, rurban park consisting of a program of landscape and architectonic exhibits.

The settlement is an exploration into the process and notion of a collection of architectonic exhibits. Each folie has a single element which is poetically portrayed through spatial and material qualities of the folie. The notion of a collection is continued by using the main elements of four of the follies and combining them to create a living space. The close similarity of each folie to the new function with which it takes the living space suggests to the visitor a feeling of deja-vu.

A maze of artificial reedbeds dominate the large site, pierced with the collection of personal follies through the physical aspects of the landscape permits maximum movement through the site, emphasising discoveries and presenting the visitor with a variety of programs and events.

Stuart Devonshire

Stuart is a hardworking, creative student – who works his ideas through with great patience and determination, and his somewhat idiosyncratic style is matched perfectly by his cleverness towards creating spaces.

His approach to the project is to create his own brief from the broad brush of ‘work, rest and play’ applied to a contaminated semi-industrial waste land. The notion of a collection of follies making a whole definable space but each with its own identity energises the site and gives it life. It is a witty solution to an extremely difficult problem – how to handle RURBAN contaminated sites – and one he has handled with a knowing eye.

It is a laudable piece of work, and though it is an unusual approach the energy with which the work has been carried out makes it fresh and original.

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