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Semester 1. In Loco parent-is: Sheducation

Part 1 Project 1999
Terri-Louise Donegan
Edward Lipton
Manchester School of Architecture, UK
Semester 1 - In Loco Parentis. A parasitic dwelling latched onto a prominent Manchester building. Feeding from it's host power supplies, the dwelling moves from floor to floor changing the landscape at both a local and global level as information is relayed to and from the small units via the internet and other media forms.

Semester 2 - The Manchester Aquarium. A machine designed to house rare and exotic fish from around the world. Individual aquatic services are expressed to emphasise the difficulty in sustaining aquatic life outside its natural environment. The clinical design, both internal and external, emphasises the magnificent beauty of the housed exhibits. The declined walkways cut through the different habitats occupied by the fish, from mountain high to the ocean depth. Passing through the main tank, the weight of the building is seen as though looking through fish eyes from below the surface to the dry land above.

The buildings are life support systems, artificial respirators engineered to sustain life within. These machine-like qualities are emphasised by the pure architectural forms, every detail having a function, unnecessary components being disregarded. The form is derived solely from this function. Both projects contain a strong sense of the mechanical along with an almost animalistic quality inspired from parasitic and respiratory forms. Digital and industrial architecture along with machinery fuelled ideas. Development came from precedent, various images produced by superimpositions, 'scratch' models, sketches and detailed 3D computer models.

Terri-Louise Donegan
Edward Lipton

Semester1 - In Loco Parent-is: Sheducation.
This project demonstrated a vigorous and thorough attitude to the conceptual and actual resolution of both a design project and a design and construction project. Ed's virtuosity extended to the effective natural leadership of the student group involved in the construction process of the 'hands on' shed in addition to the demonstration of excellence in conceptualising and realising a personal proposition in the 'heads on' element of thre programme. Ed's work demonstrates a very high level of technological understanding and resolution with the application of mechanics and electronics for architecture which allied to his application and talent mark him out as an exceptional performer in studio.
Colin Pugh

Semester 2 - Manchester Aquarium
Faced with an overwhelmingly complicated brief for a public aquarium students had to impose some order or sink. Lipton succeeded admirably with a highly resolved yet flexible solution, which was plausibly serviced and structured. Given the demanding technical requirements his scheme is impressive in that the building has a unity and is playful, dynamic and responsive to the site. The Unit studied poems to see how to tell a story economically using metaphor and ambiguity. Lipton's scheme is poetic in its changes of pace and thoughtful lighting. An interesting interplay between structure and route adds to the experience of interacting with fish.
Andrew Crompton

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