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The medication of architectonic space.

Part 2 Project 1999
Mauricio Pezo
University of the Bio Bio Concepcion Chile
The project itself is a reflexion on the taxonomic representation and its relation to architectonic spaces in modern health.

The taxonomy is a science that classifies and imposes a spatial order sistematizing the selection and identification of different parts.

Analogically, the order of different liquids in transparent equal jars, the clinic avoids to characterize the programme that contains. This could be taken as a generic typology, because the site could be adapted to a variable programme.

The chosen site is an ideal model of parallel pavillions on which plot different medical units and their practices have caused a progressive spatial dereliction overwhelmed by the hospital functions. Hence, the reconstruction of this fragmented site recovers the urban plot as a system through small slices with different programmes.

The new clinic is contained in a horizontal block, tilted up from the ground, that contains boxes along the axis and around courtyards with natural lighting.

Mauricio Pezo

This project is restricted to an experimental approach that defines a methodologic process.

This allowed to explore the design process and the taxonomic relationship between the shape and the way that medicine uses the architectural and urban spaces.

To put these ideas into practice the students picked up an existing hospital 'El Salvador', in Santiago, a state hospital was developed in several paralel horizontal blocks in a macro block.

The project gives an answer to both, the urban scale with new activities and the architectural scale redesigning buildings.

The refurbishment project involved the public spaces and the architectural scale . Therefore, the emergency and clinic unit was also designed. It is ownd by a traditional university, the design of this specific building is also taken under the same taxonomic precepts that were defined by the urban proposal.

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