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Part 1 Project 2000
Andrew Hilton
Birmingham City University, UK
The brief responded to the strong historical, cultural and social conditions found along Belfast's peaceline wall and within the city. It is a highly charged idealistic project comprising of a juxtaposition of independent territories ordered around a common transitory strand, manifest as wall, walkway and bridge.

The design focussed upon and reacted to the transition and interaction within a layered community. It explored the possibility of architecture as social stimulus and a vehicle for communal change through the erosion of physical and stereotypical boundaries.

Andrew Hilton

Andy Hilton's was a remarkably refreshing project in that the student was equally, if not more interested in an investigation of the issues and the design process, as he was in the final production. This is commendable considering the pressures of the final degree year and even more so for a part time student.

The project centred on the continuing political struggle in Belfast and began at a time when the Good Friday Agreement was running smoothly. As the political landscape changed over the year, so did the design project.

The final architectural piece has a complex collection of spaces; levels and circulation which offered a series of carefully controlled views designed to encourage interaction between Catholic and Protestant sides. The scheme was exsquisitely presented via a series of CAD images which captured both the dynamic and sensitive nature of the project.

statement written by Kevin W Singh RIBA

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