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Interactive Museum In Valparaiso

Part 1 Project 2001
Claudia Jimenez
University of Valparaiso Valparaiso Chile
The project presents a principle of staggering in the slope that responds to the urban variables, being summoned inside a way of inhabiting characteristic of the hill, this is, inhabiting participation in the vertical one.

The project of it ordered constituting you as crag that opens up to be related with the context (mirador situation). In the interior the visitor is interrelated as much with the exhibition as with the building through interior terraces those that acquire meaning in being always looking at you and living the program of the museum in a to inhabit vertical, playing with situations of I appear and of lights, allowing the orientation of the internal event.

In the project two ways are worked that present the two plots that it articulates the place. These are picked up through two space intentions:
Superior way of the hill: to inhabit of mirador
Way of the gulches: a to inhabit interior.

These two ways are related with inhabiting of the museum:

To inhabit miradors: it rescues the patrimonial aspect in their relationship with the environment, generating distension in inhabiting: cafeterias, gangplank and miradors.

To inhabit interior: toward the interior of the museum, the own space for the exhibition, the dynamic journeys and the entertainment.

The project, therefore, presents a double accessibility:

Superior of Neighborhood: for up you consents with a global vision of the context, generating a mirador situation, constituting an encounter place for the sector.

Inferior related with the urban plot: related with the gulch, it presents the articulation that relates the two plots in an interior street generated by the project, taking relationship with the I root to the floor, generating a sequence of situations that you/they go being discovered to the foot.

Claudia Jimenez

Project of urban impact of a group, an all structured adult.

Cultural expression that one manifests in artistic activities towards the exterior, invading the public space with their dynamics, inviting to the civic exchange (existence of shops, universities, local of exhibition and restaurants of typical foods).

Their contribution resides in the setting in value of the cultural patrimony of the sector, being constituted in a representative landmark in terms of urban landscape, physical, cultural capital, I work, service and way of the local life.
It builds an insolent volume that climbs the slope where all space is public and private, interior and external, walking through constrained spaces and characteristic miradors of the diversity of conditions of inhabiting the hill inviting to the civic encounter.

Power the artistic character - cultural characteristic of the sector. Public construction and / or private accessible to the whole community that gives an important contribution as regards public services (street and encounter place), culture (properly such museum) and urban equipment (cafeterias), in such a way that the integration and of functionalities it spreads to form a local and urban sub-center of activities.

I plan that in itself it advances connection to the pedestrian, uniting sectors, giving plan-hill continuity, border and it borders, conforming a tourist circuit among hills.

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