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Redevelopment Of Liaquat Bagh, Rawalpindi

Part 1 Project 2001
Zammarrud Mir
University of Engineering & Technology Lahore Pakistan
My project was and is basically a redevelopement project.The sole purpose of this venture was to create a space which would be a refreshing and a useful addition to the country.

The reason why I chose this site in my country Pakistan was because this area i.e Liaquat bagh is a run over, encroached land of about 37 acres.The current situation is total chaos and mismanagement both on the part of the government and public.

It (site) originally houses a complex of an auditorium and a puppet theatre. Both the facilities are more of liabilities,with inadequate provisions and somewhat faulty planning.

The area is a monster which has been left to look like one. What i've proposed is that rather than allowing such a promising area to be a ruin, is to divide the entire space according to it's use. Which will be evident from the project.

It has carefully planned areas keeping in mind the comfort of the public as well as the revenue of the goervnment. I've also proposed the addition of the following facilities:

.An open-air theatre
.A resturant
.A library

along with the reconstruction of the originally existing facilities.

The complex in whole from it's start to the end gives a feeling of it's use and since it's a vast area it has also been given certain levels to ensure an excitement as well s to aviod a monotonous.

What I can say in short is that i've tried to create a complex which allows people to exprience all kinds of art activities and also given them a place for social interaction, keeping in mind the economic values as well.

Zammarrud Mir

The project is a good effort on the part of the student with careful and innovative thinking. It meets all the challanges of combining function with form and freedom.

In short it is a brave attempt of making something new out of something old keeping in mind society and it's constraints.

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