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Part 1 Project 2001
Jose Yezid Ropero Triviño
National University of Colombia - Bogotá campus Bogotá Colombia
The place that was chosen, is an obstacle and a break point between two consolidated zones of equipments: the first one is located to the east, where there are a church, a communal hall, kinder garden, sports ground and Central Park; the second one is placed to the west, where there are a High School and a park for children.
The total intervention (School Library to the west and a public space to the east) organizes these two zones in an axis of services, connecting them through two pedestrian footpaths. Thus it generates a new image of the place in front of the main street.

The main idea of the project consists of focusing the architectural design from the constructive and structural thing; this way, the architectonic object is conceived like a space grid in which vertical circulations and services core are connected, allowing to divide spaces and to carry out the flexibility concept, in terms of extension, evolution or change of later uses.
The general scheme of operation turns around the isolation of the reading and computer rooms, located in the center of the construction. The access, the room of Reference Books, stairs and access ramp and different services surrounds these zones, taking away them of the facades, allowing the transparency of the building and the total reading of their structure.

Jose Yezid Ropero Triviño

The “Taller de Diseño Arquitectónico” (Course of Architectural Design) proposes to be the stage for the development of an integrate experience in which from an initial exposition of the project (that constitutes a reference of the remaining activities of the academic term), all dimensions of the architecture are linked with special emphasis, in the materiality of the building.

With a really interested and hard work, its designer accomplished the objectives of the course of Architectural Design (theory, practical exercises and the performing of the main project). This process was an opportunity of synthesis and join of purposes and reflections (personals and collective) and an occasion to go into the tectonic dimension of the architecture. The designer was interested in a conventional way of construction, however very pleasant and creative, where he worked from the structure of the building, assembly of its parts, the structural and aesthetic behavior of its materials, to the work of details in the construction.

The project expresses the pedagogical route, in which the emotive and rational interest has allowed to carry out knowledge, from the experience of architectural design.


Este taller de diseño arquitectónico se propone el desarrollo de una experiencia integral en la que, a partir del planteamiento de proyecto elaborado por el estudiante en él ejerció inicial del periodo académico, que constituye el referente de las restantes actividades del semestre, se vuelven a articular en el proyecto todas las dimensiones de la arquitectura ,con especial énfasis en la materialidad del edificio.

Con el desarrollo interesado y sostenido de este proyecto, su autor se permitió recorrer los caminos que la pedagogía del taller propone (La Teoría de la Proyectiva, los ejercicios teórico práctico y el mismo ejercicio proyectual), fue oportunidad de síntesis y articulación de intenciones y reflexiones - los personales y colectivos - y nueva ocasión de entrar en la dimensión tectónica de la arquitectura. Aquí el recorrido se hizo dentro de una lógica constructiva convencional, pero edificante – desde el soporte del edificio, el ensamblaje de sus partes, el comportamiento estructural y estético de sus materiales hasta su mutua relación con el acabado de la obra.

El proyecto expresa el recorrido pedagógico en el que el interés emotivo y racional a permitido desarrollar, a partir de una experiencia proyectual, un conocimiento.

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