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Ecological Park In The Aconcagua Outlet

Part 1 Project 2001
Marco Gárate
University of Valparaiso Valparaiso Chile
The park situated in the city of Concón, key point in the relation of the coast border of the fifth Region of Valparaiso and the International highway that unites Chile with Argentina.
(Pacific – Atlantic)

The intention is to create a regional sea-border recreation centre, as well as it to be the patio for the city.

It’s site in the mouth, shows the need to create a link in the constructed part of the urban city and the industrial part. It’s important to emphasize the natural potencial of the zone.

This caracteristic was protected, respecting all the branches of the river, and considerating the construction of a new one. There were walls used, integrating them into the natural surface. Making possible the new river branch, flooded surfaces and tectonic volumes were constructed. Considerating the natural parts as woods, surface esplanades and a natural border between the park and the sea. Keeping safe the natural bird sanctuary located in the middle.

The recreation and leisure of the park integrates the inhabitant of the hills and of the city in it’s lowest sites. That relates the extension of the site, the water and it’s sea.

Marco Gárate

The value of the urban landscape design is the relation between the city and the border, the river – sea border, and the limit to the industrial zone, reorganising and revaluing this privileged natural landscape. Declared a preservated ecological area, obligated stop for the birds that emigrate to the north. It is a marvellous scene with its natural landscape specially with the sunset.

It changes the spoiled terrain in the ease of the urban site that sorrounds, organising and regrouping the tipycal recreations of the chileans. Some existing and others of rural parts: media-luna (traditional horse games), fishing, ball and country-side barbacues.

The directrix of the design respond to the eye view and space that give directions respect of the hills and water resources.
The water channel ordenation project around the cannals organise constructions and activities: restaurants, fishing club, baths with dressers,..., diversifaying the relaxation activities.
There are other designs for natural areas where country-side activities will be done.
The design is with human harmony and with the “genius loci” of the place.

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