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Children's Book Centre in Newcastle

Part 1 Project 2001
Paul Grindley
Newcastle University, UK
This project deals with the revitalisation of a derelict warehouse into a welcoming 'Centre for the Children's Book' whilst simultaneously aiding in the regeneration of the historic yet derelict area. The warehouse is located in the Ouseburn Valley in the east of Newcastle upon Tyne. The historic nature of the building and the specific objectives of the brief called for a careful architectural approach examining the integration of the new with the old.
The design seeks to create an interactive architecture that can be transformed by the children whilst exploring metaphors dealing with the book in terms of education, adventure and discovery. The design explores the use of material, scale, construction, colour, and light to produce a physical and visual contrast between the new connections. The new elements of the scheme penetrate the existing fabric making connections to the park across the river and the wider context.

Paul Grindley

This project is tackling the very difficult task of refurbishing an existing listed building for a Children's Book Centre in Newcastle. The project demonstrates a successful and sensitive design for an urban/brownfield context. This student's project showed excellent understanding of the criteria governing a refurbishment project, making contemporary interventions adjacent and inside a Listed Building.

In addition to the rigorous exploration of the spatial arrangements, the integration of the complex within its urban context had not been overlooked. The design of building's envelope ensures maintaining the characteristics of the listed building with a contemporary attention to materials and details.

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