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Migratory Space

Part 2 Project 2001
Ignacio Riutort
University of Greenwich, UK
The intention of this project was first to analyse the city from the suburban point of view: the social connotations
"suburbia" and the territorial aspects "suburban".

Beginning at a large scale with principles such as "exodus" or "migratory space" i began to seperate the temporal and spatial aspects of such "transitional" statements this time on a closer scale:south-east london.

The definition of a vocabulary exclusive to the project, was a way of saying i understand it, using metaphors such as "bubblescape" is my way of defining an area which is the agglomeration of non-sustainable, fragile "suburbian" units, if each town was a bubble mine was "bexley"

At this stage the project was about space, time and context, to elaborate by means of an invertion a timetable of "uses" and "users". After choosing a site which i thought was the unused core of the town : an existing car park surrounded by the backside of a housing block and the rail track. I decided to start my "expansion-transition-movement-migration" from that particular spot.

The definitionof a program based on such intentions consisted on "transitional-public" space surrounded by performing, meeting, and working units. The three-dimensional blend of such units constantly surrounded by flow is the essence of the intervention.

To be/part/on/in/at/over or surrounded by migratory space

Ignacio Riutort

Working on the edge of the green belt the atelier was exploring urban issues through the complex nature of suburbia.

The student took the migratory nature of this commuter belt and created a diverse and dynamic series of public places as the new focus for a variety of local users, suggesting a change in lifestyle, an enriched and extended social life, and a new beginning for suburbia.

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