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Part 2 Project 2001
Andrew Dadley
University of Greenwich, UK
Situated at the edge of park and river the challenge of the project was to question the future of the book and examine the potential role of a library as a meeting place for adjoining communities to the north and south of the thames.

The long thin site is sandwiched between railway lines and busy road, but utilising the extended river walk, the public space is drawn through from the battersea power station complex to the east and from battersea park to the west, thereby creating a major new public place, blurring the edge between the local and national, the river and the park, the north and south bank communities, and using the written page as the instigator of interaction.

Andrew Dadley

This student's project successfully dealt with difficult environmental, contextual, and functional constraints to produce a lively sheltered shaded public place at the edge of two communities, park and river.

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