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The Right To Take Your Time

Part 2 Project 2001
Jan Timmerman
University of Strathclyde, UK
The project is an investigation about time and how it defines, determines and dictates our daily lives: 3 characters described in 13 stories show the diversity of time perception.
Jan Timmerman

Over recent years there has been a conscious effort within the social sciences and the history of architecture and urbanism to rethink categories of space and in particular how it is socially produced.

Here the investigation of the social production of time, from concepts of the timetable, to time management and to the possibility of free time, is crucial in understanding how we organise and experience social space.

Produced as a series of animated short films, Jan's work is a contribution to this discourse. It is multi-disciplinary in the ideas it draws upon, and multi media in terms of its representation. Each film attempts through the creation of stories surrounding individual caricatures - boss, cleaner, telephonist - to show how the experience of time in relation to the satisfaction of daily need - eating, working, travelling - is directly related to issues of social class.

In this sense, the project does not produce a design for a building, but a series of philosophical questions concerning the differing production and experience of space-time relations.

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