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Part 2 Project 2002
Abdulrazzaq Sheikh
Lee Gerard Nellis
University of Engineering & Technology Lahore Pakistan
For logical designing of the university layout, careful observation is made by studying different educational institutions.

Broadly speaking, the whole campus may be divided into following zones: a) nucleus b) academic zone c) zone of hostels d) sports activity area e) residential zone

The library, student center, sport complex etc., which are to be shared by all, are located at the center of the campus. This nucleus of central facilities is encompassed by academic functions. Residential facilities for students, teachers and other staff are located as close to the academic areas as possible.

Elimination of interference with the academic areas by introducing convenient pedestrian distances for access to the common facilities is another aim in the plan. This also helps to keep away the noise of from the academics as well as hostels. To meet present and future requirements vehicular approach to the nearest interest points is provided.

Hostels for men and women are placed such that they are grouped around their shared facilities such as shopping, Mosque, bank.

All apartment housing is placed on the right of the lake while entering from the main gate of the campus. Roads and pedestrian bridges are provided at reasonable distances so that the travelers need not travel more than ½ a km.

The university is designed in such a way as to enhance socializing.

The academic block is designed so that instead of providing small common spaces to two or three faculties a large space is given so that the students of different departments can interact.

Sports facilities are arranged to serve as a buffer zone between the academic and hostels. These are accessible as well as to the occupants across the lake.

Abdulrazzaq Sheikh
Lee Gerard Nellis

All over the developed world, the merits of locating hi-tech universities and R&D institutes alongside hi-tech Realizing the unsatisfactory state of technological and scientific education in the country .A Razzaq was given this project of the planning of the university to discover the possible ways that would enhance the social and academic productivity of the university .His main theme was to design a university that would maximize the social interaction among the students and teachers of different faculties. The University is located closer to the Technology Town being established in sector I-12,and has an area of 783 acers. This is considered essential because most of the technical universities in the world have demonstrated success of hi-tech enterprises mainly by co-location with the Tech Town. Sector I-12 has been designated as Tech Town and thus shifting to H-12 sector A master plan, showing the relationship of various activities in the entire university .Detailed architectural design of typical engineering department and student center in the central strip. A student center is designed which is the center of all social activities and has been provided with all the necessary requirements. The academic block has an into ward planning and instead of giving smaller communal spaces he has provided larger spaces to give a better visual space where students of various departments can interact and communicate in better way. The nucleus of the university is the large space between the library ,the student center and the it center . this would keep the space alive at all times. The sports area is placed between the hostels and the academic block. The residential block is provided on the other side of the water channel and is designed keeping the concept of social spaces. It is a brave attempt of achieving the goal which successfully fulfills all requirement of the of the project. The student’s project was considered one of the best out of all the projects.

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