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Fireman’s Headquarters In Valparaiso

Part 1 Project 2002
Lautaro Ojeda
Dominic Severs
University of Valparaiso Valparaiso Chile
When I first gave a glance at the theme propossed in the workshop, the first that came to my mind was FIRE, WATER, then LIFE and DEATH.

VALPARAISO is a city of many rituals and urban and social events; this is how the fireman’s ritual are drawn in Valparaiso; this fireman that lives in a social quarter, home quarter, where grows, lives and dies engaged in fire or water.....
The firemem in this port usually use walls as support for all their activities; this is how appears the need of building them walls that may feed them, walls for excercises, warehouse, of glory, of heroes, of driyng out, etc....

The idea that unified this project was that of building death to the firemen, in a box wrapped with a roof from wich wall fall, that define and support places. This way on, and with this task on mind there was also an intention of catching light with mirror walls and moving ones that speak about the ever changing world of the firemen

This same walls transform themselves and later on will give shelter to the names of those that died on combat....

Lautaro Ojeda
Dominic Severs

During this period the emphasis was put in what we call “ the definition” understanding by this the concretion of the proposed ideas.
The design of the elements which give the “fractions” of the project where the design should be in concordance with the general proposal and above all generated by the way of living, as for example, a stairway, according to the situation in which it is inmerse and not just a simple copy from a catalog.

In this case apart from resolving the functional item, the student has designed spatial situations completely associated to life in a fireman’s headquarters and their traditions, including a general architectonic issue; “light and memory”, how you deliver natural light throughout all the areas in the building.

The major achievement considered was the joint of all these aspects in an undivided way, and to give as a result the expressiveness of the propossed work

Dr John Bold
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