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Boat House For Rowing Club / Primary School Pollokshields, Glasgow

Part 1 Project 2002
Shimpei Katayama
Daniel Kerr
Mackintosh School of Architecture, UK
There are meanings in the natural disposition on the island. Standing stones, forest, farms, streets. I connected these casual pieces through the journey on the island. Then, the journey became a story. The story of the last remaining forest. A chapel-contemplation space found its place in the story, and on the island.

The project started with a simple diagram, which consists of vertical bands of classrooms and horizontal programmes. After undergoing a series of discoveries and compromises, the 2D plan jumped forward dramatically to the functioned 3D carpet. Children will explore the simple arrangement of spaces and sensation of visual complexities.

Boat House
The boathouse is a private building for rowers, where activities on land move on to water. The building is situated in the park at the edge of the city, surrounded with various movements, sighted by people from various points. It becomes a public building. The boathouse organises and provides a transitional experience.

Shimpei Katayama
Daniel Kerr

The project work consistently demonstrates a highly considered conceptual approach, intelligently worked through and imaginatively presented. Three projects, a boathouse on the River Clyde, a primary school in Pollokshields and a chapel on the Island of Bute are represented.

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