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Part 2 Project 2002
Gary Kelly
Damian Meehan
University of Lincoln, UK
Topic: the concept originated from the desire to investigate the notion of movement expressed through an architectural realisation, as initiated through Duchamp's 'Nude Descending A Staircase' 1912

Strategy: through the dissection of Duchamp's painting it was possible to construct a three dimensional representation of the two dimensional image of the painting, this was acheived through the levels of light reflectance of a single 1/60th subdivision.

Architecture: with generation of in-between spaces from the extrapolation of a simple 2D image, it then becomes possible to inhabit these spaces based around the notion of movement being realised in an architectural form

Having deconstructed Duchamp's painting into two sets of displaced planar forms, the next step was to take each of the ten sectional planes, determined through the grid, and to rationalize their relative displacement through the introduction of the nurbs-based curves linking each of the separate planes together, which are then extruded long the length of the image plane to create a smooth formative surface of the resultant position of each of the separate images.

Gary Kelly
Damian Meehan

Gary's project began as an examination of the Duchamp painting 'Nude Descending a Stair', using a computer modelling package as a deconstruction and reconstruction tool. He then embarked on a journey of exploration into virtual installation and computer imaging that seamlessly developed into an architectonic language. Along the way he exposed ideas involving virtual environments, materials, materiality and structure, constantly testing these ideas in virtual and real sites and non-site situations. He concluded his work with the production of a building design that explores the boundaries of structural possibilities and programmatic exhuberance

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