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SUPERSTRADA A27++ dolomiti++adria

Part 2 Project 2002
Tim Paul
Nicolas Kretschmann
Technische Universitat Berlin Berlin Germany
This project started with two simple questions:
What kind of themes are related structurally and ideally to the Autostrada Alemagna, i.e. contains its existing 80km long closed structure in the Veneto any unused capacity? And what kind of planning process could activate and develop these capacities so that the Autostrada generates a future development process in the region?

What figure do I play as its author in such a process, the one of an omnipotent planner? Or am I rather an Moderator, who gives defined playing tools and specific rules to players of future development, and make them think, that they would have played the game anyhow even without me?

SUPERSTRADA A27 ++ became an open project that`s working on functional, spatial and esthetical layers and different scales. StructureProgrammeHybrids are my common tools of three main strategies for future development, which make complex situations more transparent and clearer.

First, I see myself as a director who developed a kind of movie with several scenarios. In a second part I’m a moderator of these scenarios with future development players.

While developing strategies, I worked elastically in between disciplines of landscape architecture, traffic planning, economy, architecture and urban development.

The project shows specific regional potentials and dangers on different scales. Some of them are already activated as basis for future planning and detailing in the form of StructureProgrammeHybrids.

The main potential of this modus operandi is, to make the project easy accessible to players of different disciplines mentioned before and to create a platform of communication.

Tim Paul
Nicolas Kretschmann

The programme of our institute Bellevue maintains the overall conviction that the city is no longer a centre-orientated structure. The common expression of Stadtlandschaft (city-landscape) leads a contradictus in termini as the contemporary city has developed towards a state of the archipelago. The Stadtlandschaft might therefore be much more clarified by the term Kulturlandschaft (cultivated landscape). Now it`s important to deal with these developments within the city and (if still determinable) at the edges (meaning a political, social as well as spatial edge).

The theme of the project SUPERSTRADA A27++ represents a very interesting and serious discussion about the term city-land-scape in this context.

The Veneto is in economical respects one of the regions on the top in Italy. An enormous sprawl of housing and industry is its characteristic structure and responsible for the venetian boom. These all is located in the plane in between Dolomites and Adria.

The programmatic evolution of the Autostrada Alemagna to the SUPERSTRADA and at the same time the main strategy of guiding the development to the Strip, creates conceptually and realistically a very strong and pointed new system of structure in connection with the existing monotonous sprawl.

One of the strongest points of this project is its easy and at the same time serious handling of complex phenomena and its exceptional way to find strategic answers to them.

In doing so this project reaches a specific depth of handling and closeness to the reality. That is mainly based on the clever connection of several planning disciplines and beyond it through the specific spread and combination of different scales to develop main ‘bottom-up’ strategies instead of ‘top-down’ solutions.

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