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Primary School, Pollokshields, Glasgow / Contemplative Chapel, Isle of Bute

Part 1 Project 2002
Anna Mabella Edgley
Sara Tilley
Mackintosh School of Architecture, UK
Primary School
Education is more wide ranging than ever in both terms of subjects taught and teaching methods. These range from group to private and from the formal to the informal. In all this diversity it is also important to create a safe environment which each member can feel a part of.

These two issues, diversity and community form the basis for this design.

The school forms an island on the site, its sense of place is accentuated by the fact that it is situated on a mound (of which access onto is only from the north or south). This two way route through the building forms a channel which contains a variety of flexible and interactive spaces. This becomes the main organisational element of the building and addresses the two main objectives of the design.

The notion of the building as a container is taken to an extreme in this project. The boats are stored in the primary container which opens out fully at each end while the accommodation facilities are two smaller units within it.

The final design adopts a system of panelling which can be altered to suit the function of the space directly behind. This skin generates varying spatial qualities within the building. The building contains references to the industrial as well as the natural and sits as an object within the park which is of similar contrasts.

Every visitor to the site on the Isle of Bute is struck by the layers of rock and their dramatic upheaval causing them to lie at a plane of about 70° to the earth's surface. From the shoreline to the cliffs 20 meters behind there are places where some of the rock has fallen away but where the spaces are more generous at the top of the cliff there is no access. It is here that the chapel is located and offers the visitor the opportunity to explore this usually inaccessible space between the layers.

Anna Mabella Edgley
Sara Tilley

The project work displays an artistic temperament whereby simple but elegant solutions are sensitively presented. Three projects, a boathouse on the River Clyde, a primary school in Pollokshields and a chapel on the Orkney coast are represented.

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