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Part 1 Project 2002
Sylvia Kasanga
Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture And Technology Nairobi Kenya
This student did not submit a statement in support of her work.
Sylvia Kasanga

The project, African Fashion and Design Centre is located within a mixed district that includes residential, university and forest reserve. Design was informed by two objectives. Firstly, there was the urge for a built environment that has meaning. It is architectural type that embraces landscape. Free flowing elements are used this is for example in roofs and floors. This is a metaphor of the loose African landscape. By use of metaphor, the spirit of fashion is brought from inside and spread out to the surrounds. Through the language the surrounding Chiromo forest, the Medical Campus and surrounding residential blocks are embraced. Secondly, it seeks to explore modernity through details. Materials and details are used to explain how modernity can be used to emphasise on regionalism. Scale has been used to articulate details.

Project has succeeded in demonstrating two issues in architecture. Firstly is that architectural projects should be informed both by regionalism as well as modernity. Secondly is that architecture project should be a language for communicating what is within.

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