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EXPERIMENTAL PROJECT, Habitat in Leticia_ Amazonas

Part 2 Project 2003
Fabio Andres Patiño Alzate
John Kennedy
National University of Colombia, Manizales Manizales Colombia
The Experimental Project carries out a cultural, social and environmental approach to the Amazon region and specifically to Leticia's city (Amazons - Colombia) through an integral project of Public Space and Popular Housing in a surrounding defined by some strong environmental, ecological and cultural conditions to generate, with some minimum standards of comfort and habitability, a quality of worthy life and a great regional identity. The housing problem in the municipality is evident starting from the quality of the mistaken architectural answers, elaborated with isolated models to the local context, to the climate, to the appropriate materials and the conditions of the environment, giving the back to its responsibility with the tradition and the culture.
Fabio Andres Patiño Alzate
John Kennedy

The transcendency of the degree work “Hábitat in Leticia - Amazons", it is the result of proposing an alternative urban model's concept of: City - Forest, based on principles of echo-urbanismo, bio-climatic architecture and appropriate constructive technologies. The dialogue of frontier (Leticia - Colombia and Tabatinga - Brazil) it is achieved with the “Lineal Park” as structural element of the international border. The “Productive Housing” as sustainable model in the occupation of the territory in the amazon context, allows to maintain the balance among the natural and built means, where the “Public Space” is conceived to stimulate the different encounter forms and mobility.

Mr Michael Angus

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