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Jackson's Bridge Hostel

Part 1 Project 2003
Sam While
Mathew Leung
Manchester School of Architecture, UK
The building consists of two distinct sections, which epitomise its differing uses and the conjunction between nature and man inherent in its situation. The lower section is almost entirely glazed, a public space furnishing views throughout the building, unmasking its technological structure. In contrast the upper section appears framed in timber, creating a distinct private space.

The most important feature of this building is its passive sustainability. It requires very little outside input, recycling its grey water, and generating its heat and electricity through the design itself. The building incorporates many different bioclimatic strategies in order to harmonise the structure with the natural climate. Each area has been uniquely planned according to its function and the internal environment necessary therein.

Sam While
Mathew Leung

In response to the extensive programme of use outlined in the brief Sam proposed a series of interlocking elements each assigned specific environmental characteristics dictated by internal performance requirements, this organizational strategy had the effect of reducing the perceived mass of the building and provided a framework around which a series of sophisticated skin systems and climate modifiers were developed. The success of the scheme was due in part to Sam’s application to the environmental and technological concerns within the brief and his ability to allow the scheme to progressively evolve and develop a unique symbiosis with the site.


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