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Pattern Housing in Landshut

Part 0 Project 2003
Constanza Rey
Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism, Romania

Our project is a housing complex on a former Europan sight in Landshut, Bavaria (Germany). In the conception of this project we had three main ideas.
Each apartment should have a “plot” of its own, this being a courtyard on the ground-level and a large terrace on the upper level. By this seemingly land-lotting ( it is not a juridical lotting) we tried to achieve the comfort and privacy of a single residence in collective housing.
Old elements existing on the sight (an old tower and a butchery hall) must be reintegrated and valued in a new, unified urban image.
The urban signals can participate in the construction of the private space: the tower has to be a present image in every residence. Thus a community is created through the existence of this common value.
The project was designed based upon the idea of the German burg, organised around a central dome, with narrow streets and introverted houses, surrounded by a powerful wall. The dome becomes the old tower and the wall is the row of apartment-units, linked by passageways, looking towards the street. It protects the inner low-rise texture of houses with courtyards and terraces, organised along pedestrian streets which open up to the natural element. (the green valley of a small river) The soft element (the lower houses) and the strong element (the higher ones) are united through a strip of common space oriented towards the tower. They work together in creating the sense of unity and community.

Constanza Rey

For the Design Project submission for Part 1 we have chosen the last exercise of the first three years of study, which synthesises all the knowledge achieved in this period. The most frequently experimented programme being the dwelling, the final project has been a large housing complex. This exercise was a simulation of a Europan contest and the sight chosen for it was Landshut, Germany, previously used in this competition.
We nominated this specific project because it showed a thorough understanding of the sight and the special context that was given; the students presented an innovative solution for a high density residential typology. We also appreciated the lisibility of the idea, the quality of the composition and the attention given to detail.


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