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Part 1 Project 2003
Eva-Chloe Vazaka
Philip Pryke
London South Bank University London UK

The paradox of [educating] an architect is demonstrated in every event of [student] life.
Under pressure of invading a tranquil landscape of a slowly disintegrating site, I felt compelled that the idea of a School of Architecture being the entire world, being everyday life – thoughts, perceptions and experiences. Could this possibly be simply interpreted into an enclosure? Even if it could why should it?

The brief holistically altered. It no longer acquired the physical form represented as a potential material world through the conventionality imposed on every evolved concept of non-materiality.

Through an entropic process of recording,examining and challenging, the project became an education itself, by illustrating in parallel life and expectations.

Eva-Chloe Vazaka
Philip Pryke

This project questions relationships of theory/practice within the architectural education realm.
You wont be allowed to sit there and judge this as a set of conventional ‘building’ documents.
You will be required to participate, ask questions, not only of the work but its context and yourself.
You will need to read and digest as this student questions architectural education and its devices. Recorded via a considerable number of diaryesque essays, various illustrations and images, finally through a set of comparative drawings illustrating the contradictions of what a – student / tutor / ARB / profession – wants.
This work doesn’t intend to politely comply – it annoys – screams ! – producing a text of Jacques Tati meets Franz Kafka !

Dr Elizabeth-Marie Tuson

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