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Office Building

Part 1 Project 2003
Patricio Barbosa
Ben Strak
Central University, Santiago Santiago Chile
Project for Office Building

The Project sets in an irregular plot left by two lots in a traditional and consolidated neighbourhood of Santiago’s downtown area. The eleven story concrete building (connected to both streets on the ground level and with two ground levels for parking and technical equipment) respects the heights of the neighbours and the edificatory line according to the current ordinance. With only two fronts, it responds differently to each urban situation, views and orientation. The north elevation answers with transparency to an urban Park allowing the relations between nature and the activities within the offices. Because of the direct sun, the curtain wall presents a sun block mechanism of coloured serigraph glass shades. The other front elevation replies to the morphological fragmentation of the neighbours facades, creating movement and allowing different position and modulation of walls in the open floor plan without disturbing the exterior elevation.
The application of formal premises such as transparency, open and flexible floor plan, functionalism, neutrality, and technological equipment are means for the creation of a renewal identity of the neighbourhood, and to the establishment of an office corporative image for the building users.

Universidad Central de Chile
Student: Patricio Barbosa Guasch.

Patricio Barbosa
Ben Strak

The Project developed by Patricio Barbosa, correspond to the ninth semester of Architecture studies. The workshop is orientated to the management of the knowledge acquired towards the end of architecture studies, in a sense of approaching a professional exercise, and no longer to an experimental or tentative matter.

The project request is located in front of the beautiful Parque Forestal of the city of Santiago, with a conventional office precinct program, and is inserted in a much predefined edificatory typology area.

This Project accomplishes with elegance the insertion of contemporary design in office buildings with an adequate scale in the neighbourhood.

Dr Nicholas Bullock
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