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Urban Sanctum

Part 1 Project 2003
Simon Kay-Jones
Joseph Hawkins
Liverpool John Moores University, UK
"Treading Conduct
Treading upon the tail of the tiger
it does not bite the man success
Heaven above the lake below the image of treading
The superior man discriminates between high and low
And thereby fortifies the thinking of the people"

Health is the foundation of our life and the current view of health (microscopic parts material realities) will not do.
What we are seeking is the macrobiotic view point. That of balance and proportion. Of justification and connection.

This urban sanctum is intended to awaken this spiritual balance through a series of vertical promenades
from the common ground of food and physical nourishment that sews the city fabric to the building
to the purifying nature of water cleansing the body and focusing the mind
to the replenishment of air breathing the new expelling the old
to the physical activity of sound accepting the physical boundaries of our selves
to the guidance of inner light finding ones own true destiny
to the expression of ideas realising all life is art
to the silent communication of subtle vibrations realising all life is play.

All serve the natural cycles of our lives, from the individual to the communal, from the masterplan to the detailing from the centre to the limit. Like nature it is endlessly regenerating endlessly giving.

Simon Kay-Jones
Joseph Hawkins

Thematically, Microbiotics was the key driving force behind the urban strategy and the design for an Urban Sanctum. A holistic approach has been taken in order to redefine a redundant part of the city. Wasteland and disused warehouses have now been transformed into a substantial residential complex complementing the already established community in Chinatown. New residential units and public facilities such as eateries, shops, information centres and exhibition spaces along with the focal point of the scheme, the Urban Sanctum, provide a clearly identifiable ‘spiritual quarter’ where Microbiotics provides an alternative way of life.
The Sanctum has being conceived as a physical and symbolic gateway into the new complex. The strips (which regulate the rhythm of the Sanctum) draw the visitors underneath the Sanctum building acting as pathways to their various public destinations. A core of accommodation located at the centre of the building houses all the usual spa and body pampering facilities, whilst the access perimeter has been kept as a promenaded route. In this zone, the visitor can casually stroll and engage in conversations with others whilst admiring the unfolding views of an internal garden. Simultaneously, one can catch glimpses of Liverpool through the screened façade. The purging facilities are located at the lower level while the floatation chambers are placed at roof level as a symbol of the ultimate state achievable. This is an example of a piece of work which demonstrates a rigorous approach in the development and the execution of a thematic enquiry.


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