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Housing Density Increase On Terraces of Peripheral Hill-Side Suburbs

Part 2 Project 2003
Carlos Andres Saldarriaga
Natalie Monk
Pontifical Bolivarian University Medellin Colombia
The project explores the possibilities of increasing density and improving the quality of public space in peripheral dwelling, by using open terraces areas available in existing housing.

During the years sixties in Latin America, limitless population's growth in urban areas, generated enormous available space demand for dwelling and for public space. These aspects, not easy to solve for current municipal administrations through conventional roads, suggest the need for fitted solutions in order to increase density and provide public space for the low income communities.
Aures 2, is one of the many peripheral hill-side communities located in Medellín’s north Metropolitan area, with great dwelling density problems and no public spaces or available areas to develop housing solutions. The project uses the existing terraces to improve and consolidate new spaces for dwelling provides an experience worth to be used as a strategy in similar conditions. Dialogue and interaction between the community members and the architects lead the project to reinterpret the housing necessities and provide 17 new solutions in second and third level and leave public community space on first floor level.

Carlos Andres Saldarriaga
Natalie Monk

The importance of this submission appears when the design project recognizes the natural and built landscape and also the ways of living of the inhabitants of the neighborhood to produce an integral project that involves the participation of different actors (university, community, public & private sectors).
The lack of applied examples related to the subject of density increasing on the terraces of the existing houses in self-built and consolidated suburbs, gives a light in the method to approach this type of projects which are of great importance in developing cities like Medellin.


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